Ruimte en rust in de perigord noir dordogne

Author: Le Coteau de lHerm

We celebrate our fifth season

and we like to do that together with you!

On Saturday 23 July and 27 August we celebrate our fifth season. After the communal diner there will be  a great live blues/rock band playing also English songs. Don’t miss out on this fun evening and reserve your stay on the campsite now so that you have a place to sleep after the party!

In addition, for a pre-booked stay of minimum 10 nights camping or 7 nights in a rental accommodation, you will receive our special anniversary attention!

Live band at Camping Le Coteau de'l'Herm aangepast 2

Fort du Roc de Tayac in Les Eyzies

This incredible cliff fortress has been closed for decades but is now open to the public again! The fortress overlooks the Vézère. In the Middle Ages, the fort had a right of way, which was a kind of toll on the river at the time of numerous attacks during the French-English wars.

Prehistoric shelters were built and in the Middle Ages, a castle and semi-cave dwellers lived here. The castle was demolished around 1500. At the beginning of the 20th century, a well digger, Gabriel Galou (also discoverer of the gouffre de Proumeyssac) exploited the various cavities of the cliff to create an inn with a restaurant and a reception room.

During this exceptional visit, Marie Calonne makes you dance to historical music and offers a small aperitif. Her enthusiasm and anecdotes make this an unforgettable visit for young and old. Créateur de Joie! Come to the Dordogne and eat, drink and dance!

Manoir Saint Leon

Today we visited the  “Manoir Saint Leon” from the 14th century. This year, the estate is open to the public for the first time. The passionate guide Marie answers all your questions during a private excursion.  In this historical and protected monument, you will see, among other things, beautiful Renaissance furniture and many other special items from the Middle Ages. A gigantic cedar tree, 300 years old and over 8 metres in circumference, completes the magical visit!

Blootkompas award 2021

Silver for Le Coteau de l’Herm at the BlootKompas! Award 2021

French naturist campsite second best appreciated by guests.
Thursday, April 8, it was announced that the French Le Coteau de l’Herm ended up on the second place in the announcement of the BlootKompas! Award 2021 in the category ‘Best campsite of the year’. The award was presented online by actor and TV presenter Koert-Jan de Bruijn.
Holidaymakers judged Le Coteau de l’Herm and wrote positive words on, the location finder and review site for nude locations worldwide.
Link to the award ceremony: (in Dutch)
Dear fans, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us and for the high ratings you have given.

“Best small campsite 2021”

We are one of the top three best small campsites in Europe according to the ANWB a leading travellers’ association based in the Netherlands.  Despite the fact that we did not win, we are still very proud. A total of 2,200 small campsites competed for this title.

We were also the only naturist campsite of all nominated campsites in the different categories.

All kinds of aspects were considered for the best small campsite, such as service, location, hospitality, sanitary and facilities.  Unfortunately, having a really cool swimming pool did not weigh heavily in this category. Our Zodiac swimming pool with rubber walls filled with water to lie on was highly rated by our guests with an A!

This year we will participate again and we hope to be able to count on your vote again. This motivates us to keep improving this beautiful paradise.