Ruimte en rust in de perigord noir dordogne

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be a member of a naturist association?No, membership is not compulsory with us. Everyone is welcome and we gladly give you a personal tour.

Can I arrive at any time? Yes, you can if you have reserved a place. If you have not reserved a place, please note that the reception is closed between 12-15 p.m. You can install yourself in a non-reserved place and register later. You can arrive in a rental from 15 p.m.

What time do I have to leave? For the camping pitches this is after 08:00  and before 12 noon on the day of departure and for rentals it is after 08:00 a.m and before 10:00 a.m.

Is it possible to pay by debit card?  Unfortunately not, but there is an ATM in Rouffignac (3 km). We kindly request you to pay the day before departure.

Are there rules? The most important rule is not to disturb each other so that everyone can enjoy in peace. Respect the rules of the naturist lifestyle. To keep the grass green we ask you not to lay plastic (but eco-mat) on the ground.

Do I have to be nude everywhereNo, it is what you prefer most. Do you want to participate an organized meal dressed or nude; it’s both fine. Would you rather wear a pareo when you are walking around; no problem. We expect you to be nude in and around the swimming pool. For hygiene reasons, please use a towel when you sit down somewhere f.e. on the terrace or in the reception.

When is the swimming pool open? The swimming pool is open depending on the weather and may be accessed from 09.00-21:00, please shower before entering. Eating/drinking/smoking is not permitted in the pool area. The dimensions of the swimming pool are 15m x 5m x 1.20m.

Are piercings /tattoos allowed? Yes, these are allowed.

At what time should it be quiet? We are a small-scale nature campsite for guests who like to spend their holidays close to nature. We therefore kindly ask you to honor silence between 10 p.m.- 7 a.m.

Is it necessary to make a reservation? Yes, certainly for the rentals. Do you want to camp during the high season or do you prefer a specific place then it is advisable to make a reservation. There is plenty of room in the off-season, but it is of course possible that certain popular spots are already taken.

How can I reach the campsite? The campsite can be reached by a well-maintained asphalted public road and is easily accessible. Under “directions” you will find a detailed route description for when you come by car. It is also possible to fly to Bergerac (50 km from the campsite). Brive is, besides by train, also accessible from many cities by Eurolines. When staying at least 2 weeks, we can pick you up by car against transport costs in Périgueux (train), Bergerac or Brive and brought back there afterwards. You are welcome to discuss this in advance.

How large are the camping pitches? All camping pitches are at least 100 m². The maximum size for a camper/caravan is 7,5 m. If you come with a large camper, please let us know in advance so that we can check what is possible.

Can I park my car/motorcycle on the pitch? No, the car /motor can only be parked temporarily on the pitch at arrival and departure. Vehicles are then placed in the central parking lot. Bringing the
groceries to the your pitch by car is only possible for guests with a handicap after
request an exception can be made.

Electric or Hybrid cars
There are two 16 amp connections especially for charging your car. The costs are on the basis of the consumed KwH.

Is an extra tent/ partytent allowed?  One shed tent or sleeping tent (for persons up to 12 years) of a maximum of 4 m2 is allowed and included in the rate. From 16 years onwards, there is an extra charge. At our rental accommodations it is not allowed to place a side tent. Party tents (in any shape or form), double awnings etcetera are not allowed due to the danger of blowing away.

Do you give a discount with ACSI card etc? We are inspected annually by ACSI. We already have a low season rate, which is why we do not participate in this discount card, but you will still benefit from a low price.

How much electricity can I use? Depending on your needs you can have 6, 10 and even 16 amps. Don’t forget to take the blue euro plug with you as well as an extension cord of at least 30 meters.

Can I use a shared fridge/freezer? Yes, if you have a pitch without electricity you can,  against a small daily fee. The fridge is meant for food, not for drinks.  

Is there enough to do for children? That depends on the age. For the little ones there is a paddling pool open from 07-07 until 26-08, a sandpit with slide and a swing. There are games and of course there is plenty exploring to do in the nature. We offer a clear environment on a low traffic site.

Can I bring my pet? A maximum of two dogs on leash are allowed per pitch. For rentals please consult first. Vaccination certificate and identification are mandatory. Dogs must be taken outside the grounds and feces must be removed from the campsite.

Is there a supermarket within cycling distance? Yes, Rouffignac is just 3 km away. In this still purely French village  there are several shops, a bakery, butcher, post office, tourist office, hardware store, ATM, restaurants and gas station. In Perigueux, the nearest city 30-minute drive away, you can find larger supermarkets, various shops, specialty shops and, for example, Decathlon.

What medical facilities are around? In Rouffignac there is a pharmacy and a medical center with general practitioners and a dentist. An AED is also available there.

What are the facilities for people with a physical disability? The sanitary area has adapted santair for disabled people. The center area is easily accessible. The pool, on the other hand, is above ground and can only be accessed by a stair.

Are there walking routes? There is a naturist walk over the campsite along forest paths and sunbathing areas with fruit trees, blackberries, figs and raspberries. The walk is quite steep on some parts but these parts can be avoided so that the walk can also partly be made by people with reduced mobility.

Hiking  Several hiking trails start near the campsite, including GR36. We have several routes available and the Tourist Office in Rouffignac sells a detailed map.

Can I also cycle in the area? It is very nice to explore the area by bike from the campsite. Electric bikes can also be rented in the village. (credit card required)

Are barbecues allowed? Barbecuing is permitted on gas and electrical appliances.

Can I make an open fire? No, open fire is not allowed.

Can I do my laundry at the campsite? Yes, there is a washing machine and a drying machine that can be used at a rate.

Can I receive visitors? Naturally, visitors are welcome after registration and against a daily allowance. However, the naturist nature of the campsite must be taken into account and the privacy of other guests must be guaranteed.

Is there WIFI at the campsite? Wi-Fi is fast and free available on the terrace. However, there is perfect 4G reception at the entire campsite.

Is there a television? No, there is no television. Live events can possibly be viewed via the WIFI if you have a tablet or laptop yourself.

Where do I leave my waste? The best waste is the one you don’t produce! We strive to reduce and separate the waste. The campsite is equipped with dedicated bins for sorting of waste. You’ll also find compost units to recycle food scraps, breathing a second life into your veggies or fruit peels.  Only household waste can be accepted. Non-household waste such as crates, wood, broken chairs, tents, etc. can not be left behind. Glassware must be brought to the glass bin in the village.

Waste water. If you don’t have a cassette you can go to the village Rouffignac and near the sports fields you can dump waste from your chemical toilet.

Deposit rentals Upon arrival you will be asked for a deposit of €100 and this will be returned before departure after settlement of any damage to housing and/or inventory. The rental must be left in the same condition you found it; if not €50 will be deducted from the deposit.

What should I bring to the rental caravan or chalet? All necessary things for a comfortable stay are available. Bedding package (comforter and pillows), dishcloth and beach towels must be brought or rented.

Do I need insurance? All guests must have valid liability insurance.

I have another question Please contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will be happy to assist you.