Ruimte en rust in de perigord noir dordogne



Naturiste Campsite Le Coteau de l’Herm

Why visit Le Coteau de l’Herm?

For those who long for an exciting holiday in a relaxing, peaceful environment of naturist campsite le coteau de l’herm where there’s lots to do.

Who wish to linger in the cool shade or bask in the warm sunshine surrounded by the breath-taking scenery of enchanting hills and wild valleys, in a natural paradise that’s sparsely populated where people are friendly and where history goes back to the dawn of mankind.

You can discover and wonder at marvels of ancient times; world famous prehistoric cave paintings, roman ruins, medieval towns where one can go back into the middle ages, picturesque villages, old churches and imposing castles, all with exciting and amazing stories to tell.

Stroll on the campsite or take longer walks, feeling part of a green unspoiled world;

It’s for those who enjoy cycle rides along hedge-lined roads, through woodlands, beside pastures, amongst steep rocky cliffs, over hill tops from where one can enjoy panoramic views over the Périgord, through villages where the trees form a canopy beneath which one can pause and rest.

It’s for those who love small restaurants where the chef himself might serve the meal, resplendent in his apron.

Spend their well-earned free time naked in the open-air day-dreaming, relaxing, playing, sun-bathing or just taking in the atmosphere.

Here you can seek peace and quiet, perhaps to read a book, enjoy the scenery, watch the stars twinkling at night just like in the tropics or enjoy the sunset’s brilliant colours and the company of their family and friends.

Ring any bells with you? If so, then you should come to France, to the Dordogne and the Périgord naturist camp site of Le Coteau de l’Herm!

What kind of camping site is Le Coteau de l’Herm ?

Le Coteau de l’Herm is a beautiful 20 acres naturist camp site in the Dordogne, 120 km east of Bordeaux and 40 km north-east of Bergerac. Located in the Périgord region with its chief town Périgueux, called Vesona in Roman times, in the heart of what is called the Périgord Noir, it is mid-way between Périgueux and the medieval town of Sarlat. The camp site consists of a pleasantly wooded area at the top of a hill with a terraced lawn on its southern slope.

The area of the camp site dedicated to camping covers approx. 4 acres, offering 50 generous camping pitches of over 100 m² (120 yd2) each for tents, caravans and camping cars/sleepers. Each pitch, in the sun or shade as desired, offers a scenic view of the opposite valley and over the surrounding hills. The remaining 16 acres, for a small part almost impenetrable wood, is a naturist walking area over lawns and along meandering forest paths.

Footpaths through the woods and over the lawns, some fairly steep, but others quite accessible for handicapped people, make for a pleasant naturist walks on the camping. The longest walk takes around 45 minutes.

Flora and fauna

Le Coteau de l’Herm is located in a region with a very rich flora and fauna.
A recent inventory in the near surroundings and on the camp site itself yielded no less than 358 plant species, including 18 orchids, 248 of which (8 orchids) were found on the camp site. Within 2 weeks, 76 bird species were spotted, of which 64 were on the camp site; 13 of them were birds of prey, eg red kite (milan royal), black kite (milan noir) and eagle owl (grand-duc d’Europe). The hoopoe, with its characteristic crest, not found in Britain, is a common presence here.  And so are several reptiles (couleuvre snake, lizards), toads and salamanders, smaller and some quite large. Wild mammals like foxes, deer, wild boar and stone-martens are also common on Le Coteau de l’Herm, but they avoid the disturbances caused by campers.

Of the many beetles and butterflies the stag-beetle and the humming butterfly, which with its long proboscis can hang motionless, like a humming-bird, in front of a flower for many seconds, are the two most remarkable insects.

The camp site is member of the NFN (Naturist Federation Netherlands). The terms naturist and naturism are considered known and evident. Whether the behaviour of a guest is in agreement with these terms or violating the naturist character of the site is solely up to the judgement of the management of the camp site.